Friday, June 13, 2008

Boycott Legal Sea Foods!??!

I ate at Legal Sea Foods across from the New England Aquarium two weeks ago. It wasn't my choice. It was a good meal at a very reasonable price considering the level of service our party recieved. I didn't see any trolley conductors in attendance, but they may have been out of uniform.

I think this whole 'fresh fish' advertising in poor taste. I thought it so when it was on taxi cabs. I thought it was so on the sides of trains. I wouldn't get bent out of shape about it if I were an MBTA concutor, but I don't deal with the public on a daily basis and get harrassed over the course of my day. Many digs make for thin skins. Of course, you choose the profession you pursue and being a union grunt makes you more prone to take slights to your looks more personally. You can't be criticized for the job you do, so any other kind of insult is magnified. It is a tempest in a styrofoam coffee cup.

I don't think a boycott will dent Legal Sea Foods' business. I don't think tourists take the T except as an adventure, in which case the delays are something to tell the folks back home about. This bit of much ado about little will entertain the folks at home about life in the 'big city.'

Legal Sea Foods will be laughing all the way to the bank. The conductors will have egg on their faces. Being a conductor on the B line isn't really a transferable skill. We think the conductors protest too much. This has nothing to do with a death in the family or with disrespect. It has to do with making money.

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