Monday, May 05, 2008

All Boston All the Time

Your man on the Dot has been taking his time and stretching his legs, walking about, seeing the sights and inhaling the aromas that escape from Dorchester's kitchens and barbecue grills. Yes, Spring is in the air and the Fifth of May means cooking outdoors among friends while the sun shines its balm on Boston. It is about time. April truly was a cruel month, but on a day like today Mother Nature is forgiven even if she waited until a Monday to sweep the rain clouds away. At least the streets are clean.

Who is that Little Blue Ninja? It is Whalehead King, of course, sporting his sporty, armored jacket and his helmet dotted with stickers peeled off fresh vegetables. Our Man also sports a sticker he took off his coffee cup from the Mud House. The Mud House is a little storefront beanery located on Neponset Avenue just after Neponset Circle, which it one of the scabs on Boston's traffic arteries for which this city is famous. The ladies at the Mud House are quite pretty and attentive and pleasant. The coffee should be voted "Best of Boston." Check it out.

Next door is an efficient barber shop full of gentlemen who are masters of the electric clippers. Next to them is a police equipment supply store that may have vacated the premises if we saw things correctly while speeding by on our motorcycle. Whether the shop is open or shuttered, you can be sure Boston's Finest, the nation's first police force, will still frequent the Mud House to keep thier pep on the beat.

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