Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Slipstream Through Traffic

Our hero, on the littlest Ninja in Boston, slips through gridlock like a hot knife through butter. It is like Whalehead King, always known as a slippery character, has rubbed warm olive oil on the farings of his motorcycle to be able to flaunt traffic laws and conventions. Remember: in Massachusetts, lane splitting is legal. It is good to be eisw on of the littlest things on the road. All those scooterists and bicyclists are onto a secret, Whalehead King just does it a little bit better.. It may be a fallacy of numbers, but for now everything is working just A-okay for two-wheeled commuters. All you lemmings in your cars shouldn't get any bright ideas to spoil it for the rest of us who don't cotton to your climate-controlled ways.

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