Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Smart Women Again

Little girls grow into big women. In a theme we have spelunked before, we would like to reiterate that smart women live in New London, Conn. and smart men appreciate them. This is not a city for wallflowers. It is a city for matrons and vixens draped in mink. This is a city ripe for women to take charge. It is a city where Amazon doesn’t mean a bookseller or a bodybuilder. It is a city that wants a feminine touch. The hens rule the roost in New London, Conn. All the men are too impotent to be cock of the walk.

If a fox wanders into New London’s henhouse, he is soon beaten out the door and off his mission. He is chastised for being hungry for eggs. You can’t turn a fox into a pussy. We are not using double-entendres here, just a turn of phrase.

Thank Heaven for little girls. Maurice Chevalier said it best, and New London whistles the chorus. Little girls grow into strong women. The best settle in New London, Conn. We do not know where the rest go, but we would like to know. Smart, Strong Women of the World! New London needs you! The Chamber of Commerce would be contacting you shortly, if there were one.

To see the kind of women New London, Conn. breeds, please click this sentence to read about Chloe.

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