Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A New New London Made Anew

Three days can mean alot. A lot can happen in three days. As New London hurtles toward its date with destiny, time goes by and it keeps going by. You cannot revisit the past, but we will attempt to do so through the magic mirror of fine literature.

Lilacs last grew by the dooryard of Whalehead King's Odditarium on Friday. Today is Monday, and that makes all the difference in the world. Friday's New London was a gloomy place, chill as a corpse and about as interesting. Monday's New London is a place where tulips spring from the ground, kissing the sunshine and whoever puts their face close enough to be kissed. [Yes, that was on purpose. No, we were not ashamed to do it. Ed.]

A man was spotted at the train station laying gold dollars on the tracks. He had both Sacajaweas and the new George Washingtons. He sold them later for ten dollars apiece. He sold out. He had added nine dollars of value by caprice.

Things can change as quickly as a passing train of thought.

The work week begins and people trudge to thier toil. A motor scooter passes the crossing guard on the corner of School Street and Montauk Avenue. Driver and public servant exchange salutes. What cheer is there in New London, Conn? There is all the cheer in the world, right under our noses. Bend down to touch the tulips.

Who was putting coins on the train tracks? Find out here: http://blog.myspace.com/whaleheadking

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