Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Long Walk

If you walk the length of every New London street, that walk will be longer than the Wall in China. At least you will get your exercise and your dose of history. The crime rate in New London is low as it officially is in China. You are just as likely to get mugged along the Great Wall as you are on Elm Street.

Whalehead King walked Elm Street the other day. It is a street, like many in New London, with a name that makes no sense. You won't find an elm tree on Elm Street. In fact you won't find any spot of shade. New London is a city indisposed to trees and foliage. New Londoners like the sun to beat down on them like a hot hammer in the summer against the anvil of the sidewalk. They appreciate the rooflines of the city's many homes so much that they do not like dead trees obscuring the view during the winter.

You can walk the length of the Great Wall of China and even eat Chinese takeout along the way. When you walk the length and breadth of New London, you will see many exotic delights, both oriental and puritan. There are views full of gimcrackery and vinyl siding.

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