Monday, April 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

If home is where the heart is, then New London's skyline shelters 25,999 happy citizens. There is one person not wholly convinced that she belongs in New London and her loyalties have wavered of late. Our correspondent met with her recently over coffee at Muddy Waters Cafe to learn the cause of her disenchantment.

Sitting in the back with The Whaling City's Goodwill Ambassador, this middle aged lady recited her reasons. To whit: New London is too small, too boring, too poor, there is no interesting work and nothing happens here. She is thinking about relocated to a larger city that proves what it promises with cash, glamour and stimulation.

In retort to these complaints, The Goodwill Ambassador replied point by point, "Firstly: while New London is small, it isn't too small; it is just right. It may be small in size but it is big in heart. Secondly: only boring people are bored, you cannot expect the rest of us to entertain you, we are busy pursuing our own joys, but you are welcome to join us. Thirdly: New London may be cash-poor but it is rich in spirit and in potential, as anyone who has listened to politicians and real estate agents can tell you. Fourthly: while the job market may be a little lackluster if you don't want to work in law, medicine or the restaurant trade, this is a place that attracts entrepreneurs who try their luck in New London's marketplace every year and become their own boss. This experience usually lasts a year and then they are perfectly content being employed in law, medicine or the restaurant trade. Fifthly: things happen in New London more slowly than in other places. You have to remember that New London has its own time zone where a minute is triple the length of anywhere else. You get used to it after awhile."

The lady listened to these sage observations and agreed to think it over a little longer. It is true, once you spend enough time in New London's zone, you get used to it and are lulled into the same stupor.

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