Monday, March 12, 2007

What is in an 'E'????

You will see a sign on the guest door of the Casimir Pulaski Post Number One of Polish American Veterans on Central Avenue. The sign reads that the permitee it one Micheal E. Rix.

Many people have asked what is Michael Rix's middle name. He is evasaive in his answers. He isn't ashamed of his middle name, but he isn't proud of it either.

Various guesses have been offered up, all them worng. The 'E' doesn't stand for Edward, Edgar, Ernest, Ethelred, Ethelbert, Ellsworth, Ebert, Eccard, Edmund or Ezikial. Your intrepid correspondent has combed through the microfiche files at Lawrence and Memorial Hositpal dating from the 1950s. It iturns out that Micheal Rix shares a middle name with a city in Oregon. Geography students will know what it is. Those how are unfamiliar with Oregon's urban areas will have to resort to an old atlas or Google for the answer. If you are too lazy, it is Eugene.

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