Friday, March 16, 2007

The Red Sock

Gladstone Turner of apartment 2-A at 78 West Street woke up early and didn't turn on the lights before he fished through his sock drawer. He donned one navy sock and one red one. He didn't realize it until much later in the day while he was working in the mail room at Connecticut College. He realized he couldn't do anything about it at this point, so he continued sorting the mail and putting the letters in their asssigned slots.

Cindy Cornerstone, who is the youngest, most single, and prettiest female employee in the Connecticut College mailroom noticed that Gladstone Turner was wearing mismatched socks. She didn't think this was a mistake. She thought it was a mark or individuality. Only an assured man would wear such contrasting anklewear. Anyone who can wear such socks without being self-consiousness, obvisously had little to prove in the bedroom.

Cindy Conerstone asked Gladstone Turner for a drink at Mr. G's that night. One thing led to another. Apartment 2-A at 78 West Street was never louder. The tenent at apartment 1-A beat on the wall wtih a broomstick. Cindy Cornerstone and Gladstone Turner are a couple now. They keep thier relationship professional in the Connecticut College mailroom, but beyond the postal boxes, passions run high.

As Gladstone Turner will tell you, size doesn't matter. Socks do.

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