Thursday, February 08, 2007

What Makes New London Attractive

Once a certain kind of person learns of New London, Conn. they want to know more. Washington State may be evergreen, but its age is only a fraction of the Nutmeg State's. New London was founded in 1646. People from Iowa find that amazing. Chambers of Commerce in Oklahoma marvel at New London's pedigree and vitality. New London doesn't even have a chamber of commerce. The Whaling City's business doesn't need encouragement, comeraderie, or promotion.

If you build it, they will come. This is New London's philosophy. This is a city that has been remaking itself for more than 360 years. There is a genius about New London's citizenry. We are proud of our past and of our progress in the present. New London is a work in progress, forever perfecting its homegrown society.

If you tell someone that the submarine sandwich was invented in New London, they will believe it. If you tell them toothpaste in the tube was invented in New London, they will believe. If you tell them the home coffee mill was invented in New London, they will believe it. If you tell them New London perfected the art of harvesting sperm, they will believe it.*

They will believe whatever you tell them about New London, because all of it is true. *[Ed. note: all these things are true.]

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