Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday!!

Every day is super in New London, a city that is waiting for a hero. People wear capes, but mostly for warmth and for fashion. People wear masks, but only on Hallowe'en and during masquerade balls. There are plenty of muscles poised to do some heavy lifting and figures ready to leap into action. Everyone has a secret identity.

Today, like most days, New Londoners get together to share each other's company and comraderie. They get raucous, they cheer, they razz, and they indulge in friendly wagers. They eat like gluttons at a banquet and they drink like they have hollow legs. New Londoners don't need an excuse to host a party, their whole lives are fun-loving and based on good-willed competition. New Londoners know how to enjoy themselves. New Londoners know how to celebrate.

Every day is an event in a city where little happens. New Londoners will offer a toast to a new haircut. They will rally around an underdog. Any news is better than no news. New Londoners will bet on a cockroach race. They will watch the clouds pass over their skyline for fun. New Londoners will look for any reason to tell a joke in front of an audience. New Londoners love a party and know how to keep it going.

Every day is super in a superlative city. Every breakfast, lunch and supper is super in New London, Conn. New London has powers far beyond the pale of other cities. New London soars along the bank of a mighty river, carving out its destiny with bare hands. This may be a mild-mannered city, but its daily life is full of high adventure.

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