Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dignified Company

The Casimir Pulaski Polish American Veterans's Club Post #1 and Auxillary is located at 51 Central Avenue in New London, just across the street from the main entrance to Riverside Park. It's across the street from the Moose Lodge, on the opposite end of Central Avenue from New London's Solid Waste Transfer Station and Public Works Department.

The Polish Club is known for its conviviality. Everyone is welcome to share stories about old New London, new New London, patriotism and Nascar. The Club hosts regular events open to the general public. It is a club made up of Polish-American veterans, but it is a New London institution, a part of the community that lends cachet and solidarity to the citizens of the Whaling City.

This morning the club's trustees posted a sign in the social quarters. It reads:
Friday, March 16th
A Full Coarse Corned Beef Dinner
From 5 To 8 PM
The Price Is Only $8.00
Come On Down, Bring Your Friends
There is something tempting about an affordable, coarse, Irish meal served by Poles. What the courses will be are left to your imagination. Sources report there will be corned beef, of course, and cabbage, all of it cut thick enough to strain your jaw to get your teeth around it. The conversation will be as salty as the food. It will be a coarse meal served on fine china with dainty, polished silverware.
This meal is open to the general public not just to elite Polish Club members and their guests. The locally famous Ray Church has already ordered the vittles and spices. His competent corps of sous chefs, prep cooks, service valets and mince choppers have been briefed on the menu and the expectations. The Polish Club's kitchen is justly famous for laying out a good spread. If you are planning on spending eight bucks on March 16th, you know where to point your car at 5:00.
Five coarse courses of Irish food served with Polish polish and panache. Who can resist the opportunity of a good meal eaten in good company? Mark your calendar.

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