Sunday, January 14, 2007

Who Is Whalehead King??

Even a minor genius who has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams has moments of self-doubt before a fresh challenge. Most emperors were stabbed or poisoned. What is hot today will be cold tomorrow. Plans sometimes pay off better than intuition.

Whalehead King hates to trust his luck, though it hasn't failed him thus far. He believes he is up to whatever lands in his lap, but when you lie down with dogs you can wake up with fleas. Mr. King believes with all his heart that he lives in a world-class city that can satisfy his needs. Others don't believe this and Mr. King fears he may catch thier cold.

Intimate with his subject, Whalehead King dashes off whatever is on his mind about what catches his momentary fancy in New London, Conn. If his essays are cheery, it is because New London is very good to him. Mr. King is well aware his adopted home is not equally generous with everyone. His deepest fear is that he will become disillusioned and disenchanted, that he will embrace the obverse side of the New London State of Mind.

Whalehead King writes and writes in the most general way. He is a character who dwells in the universal truths he encounters on his daily errands. Forever on patrol about New London, Conn., Mr King is looking for answers to why he is here. He does more than write. He lives enmeshed in New London's weave, a part of a great city sailing toward its destiny.

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