Saturday, December 30, 2006

A New London New Year

How do you decide when the new year begins? In New London, New Year's Day is just a prelude to Hygienic Night, which is the last Satruday in January. New Year's Eve passes like a whimper until the end of January blossoms with fresh enthusiasm from New London's artist castes. New Year's Eve is little different from any other New London evening. Hygienic Weekend is when Connecticut's Whaling City blooms with creativity and heart-felt resolutions.

Every year in every way, New London gets better at earning the respect it deserves. Every day, the Devil fiddles with the details and works his tempting magic to make the best possible deal. Do you have a soul? It belongs in New London, Conn., if the city will have you.

Happy New Year to all and sundry! Happy Tomorrow! Happy Today! The clock ticks while time stands still in New London. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. A year in New London is not a prison sentence, it is a kick in the pants to get moving while staying in place. Like a rat on a wheel, like an exercise junkie on a treadmill, like a hamburger on a conveyor belt, New London produces the same product over and over. Why mess with perfection?

We are lucky to be New Londoners. Every day is freshly minted, speared in place by a rusty harpoon that has seen more useful times. Every eve presents even odds for success or failure. Nothing ever ends in failure in New London. When the city stumbles, it marches towards its destiny. Every year in every way, New London only gets better at what it does best.

Whalehead King wishes everyone a hearty Mare Liberum!!

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mary rose carnaroli said...

Happy New Year, Mr. King.


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