Thursday, June 08, 2006

Who is Whalehead King?

The history of Whalehead King's New London is based on fact, but sometimes the truth is bigger than facts alone. The mystery and soul of things lie within thier physical shells. New London is like that.

If you want to be happy the rest of your life, marry an ugly woman. New London isn't the prettiest bride, but she is the belle of the ball. There is something remarkable about New London that is difficult to name or fathom. Some people get bitten by the New London bug and come down with New Londonitis. Others scratch their heads and shrug.

Whalehead King has been bitten hard. He lives in New London by choice. Living here for eleven years, he has filled his time learning as much as he can. He breathes New London air like elixir. It stimulates him.

Whalehead King is proprietor of the Odditarium. This institution is dedicated to preserving artifacts and documents relating to the New London state of mind. It is a real place. It is part museum and part laboratory. It is part junk shop and part archive. Whalehead King gathers scraps of New London ephemera as he finds them and stores them in the Odditarium. Some things, as the institution's name suggests, are oddities that grow new personalities. Using advanced Krylon and Sharpie technologies, Whalehead King preserves objects, but he also adds to thier charm. Mr. King enjoys metallic paints and day-glo. He also enjoys writing directly on things.

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Peter Roberts said...

Mr. King, how about a picture?

From a real FAN, Newlondondeclarationman


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