Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Orleans is for Lovers

Living in New Orleans is like winning a round trip ticket to Heaven.  Love, not hunger, makes the best sauce.  New Orleans is a harbor for ships of any flag.  New Orleans is a melting pot, a catholic city, where dignity is tradition, and joy is the rhythm of life.  The lucky are thankful for what they receive.  New Orleans is for lovers.
Be both a borrower and a lender.  Borrow the well worn quilt of New Orleans hospitality, and pass it on to the next person once you are hot.  Lend your talents to New Orleans as long as you are here.  Be yourself when you are here.  When you are somewhere else, be New Orleans.  Home is where the heart is.  You have a friend in New Orleans, Louisiana.  New Orleans is for lovers.
Louisiana is a sportsmen’s paradise, but New Orleans is a world apart.  No one shoots guns at animals in New Orleans.  The people who fish Bayou St John, the lagoons of City Park, the shallow waters of Bayou Lafitte, and the people who drag lines on the Algiers Ferry, catch and release.   You can get more than you bargain for in New Orleans, just don’t read the newspaper.  Listen to the song of the street.  Dance.  New Orleans is for lovers.

A pelican in its piety
There is tit for y’at in New Orleans, America, a city that dances like no one is watching.  Good things happen from Bywater to River Bend, from Hollygrove to Holy Cross, from Venetian Isles to Jackson Barracks.  From the West End to New Orleans East, every day is filled with lagniappe.  There is no such thing as a bad day in New Orleans, because every day is just an introduction to tomorrow.  New Orleans is for lovers.
The swans in City Park mate for life.  The whistling ducks in Audubon Park carry the city’s tune.  Every week is a parade route.  Sweet dreams are woven through New Orleans nights.  This a city as full of brass and polish, as it is a city in which every neighborhood is rich.  New Orleans is for lovers.
Every person is an artist.   New Orleans is a city in which art is intimate with life.  There are more than nine muses.  There are more than nine streets.  Pelicans soar in their piety over the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, over Bayou Saint John, and over the Big Muddy, itself.  It is easy to get lost in New Orleans.  It is also easy to find a friend.  You have a friend in New Orleans.
There is always room at the bar in New Orleans.  There is always room to bend an elbow.  There is always an ear willing to be bent.  New Orleans is affectionate to those who love her.  New Orleans is full of kisses.  It is a moist caress.  There is no place on earth more open to celebrating itself, and being itself.  New Orleans is an oasis pierced by a river.  Liquid defines New Orleans.  Where life is fluid, it rains pennies from heaven.  New Orleans is for lovers.      


Suldog said...

Damn. I forgot you're now based down south. MY WIFE and I were in New Orleans a month ago, for our anniversary. I should have looked you up.

Whalehead King said...

I don't have to ask if you enjoyed your visit. Congratulations!
With a handshake.


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