Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Think outside the bar

Stylish barstool

Consider the perfect barstool, and think outside the bar.  The perfect barstool looks right, and works right, in every setting.  The kitchen, the family room, the hallway, the living room, a backless barstool adds playful formality to any room in your beautiful home.
Today, like every day, is morning in America.   A sunny kitchenette is a happier place with backless barstools in the breakfast nook.  Kids love to swivel while they eat their cereal, and backless barstools prevent slouching.  
Good posture is improved by the perfect barstool.  Doctors recommend backless barstools for senior citizens, toddlers, day laborers, computer programmers, and surly adolescents who can benefit from better posture.  There are many barstools to choose from, in many, many styles.  There is one barstool that is perfect for you.  You need a backless barstool.  
Scandinavian style
A simple stool fits right into country decor, as easily as it does beside modern, Scandinavian design.  Clean lines, never go out of style.  A simple stool need not be simple.  Modern engineering can elevate a stool to a higher plane.  State-of-the-art, hair-trigger hydraulics combine with frictionless bearings to provide maximum comfort.   Sometimes, you can mess with perfection, and it delivers the same.
When you sit on a backless barstool, you are sitting in style. 
A chrome barstool looks good in the kitchen, for sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee, chatting with a neighbor.  A backless barstool with classic, cherry veneer is at home in the living room, one in each corner for when a guest needs a rest.  A swivel barstool is perfect for parties, where lively conversations come from every direction.  A perfect stool is the center of attention.
Sit here
Wood, tubular steel, and wrought iron are the barstool materials of choice.  Bare seat barstools are made for men made of stern stuff.  Upholstered seats provide just the right amount of cushion, and they are made of a variety of luxurious materials.  Lustrous fabric in a rainbow of colors, or rich leather tanned like mink, there is a fit and a finish that will match your beautiful home, and make it just right. Every day is a party when you think outside the bar.

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