Thursday, November 10, 2011

Every chair has a story.

She is pretty in autumn.

Every Chair Has a Story.  Poetry Inspired by One Way Furniture...

There are cities more romantic than Paris, and there are cities with more history than Rome.  Where do you live?  I’ll bet that it is a pretty nice place.
We reflect our surroundings through osmosis.  A hardened criminal can become an upright citizen after a few months in prison.  A plowman can become a painter after spending a fortnight in an atelier.  Our spirits rise to our expectations.  Our furnishings should reflect that.  

If you aim a bit higher than you would normally be inclined, you cannot help but hit your mark.  A spontaneous decision requires laying the ground rules.  Shoot from the hip.  Don’t follow fads.  A chair is just a place to sit.  You are the accent.
There are cities more stately than Washington, and there are boroughs richer than Manhattan.  Even a small city can hold more than a million, naked stories, each one worth remembering.  Where there is love, there are homes, and, where there are homes, there is beauty.  It is human nature to surround a family with beautiful things.  
Every chair has a story.
Jackson Furniture Hartwell Accent Chair in Bollywood Finish. Everyone says it proudly, and most people say it loudly.  The name says it all.  

A school marm in Ottumwa knows she sits on top of the world.  She has the world on a string, and an engagement ring around her finger.  What a town.  What a life.  She’s in love with the most handsome young man in all of Wapello County, Iowa.  A river of opportunity will eventually deliver  a perfect match upstream.
Because he is such a gentleman, everyone refers to the school marm’s fiance as “Charles of London.”  He puckers up like no Frenchman would ever dare do.  She longs to be held between her lover’s generously scaled arms.  
Where good manners are the municipal standard, good taste will reign.  A community of well-appointed homes will sleep in the comfortable bed it has made for itself.  There are cities less religious than Rio de Janeiro.  There are cities less populous than Beijing, or Mumbai.  There is only one place where anxiety is countered by faith in the present.  Home is where the heart does well.  Hartwell.

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