Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walk Like a New Orleanian.

O Mighty Isis!
There is a temple to Isis in New Orleans.  Isis.  The Egyptian goddess.  The one who brings floods to the Nile every year when she weeps over the death of her husband, Osiris, Lord of the Underworld.  

Egyptians will be happy to tell you that they are not Arabs.  They are Egyptians.  They are Africans.  They still keep their traditional calendar.  Just as our months are named after Roman deities, and our days after Scandinavian ones, Egyptians name their months and days after their own ancestral traditions, older than anything else around aside from the mountains, and the sea, and the sky. 
New Orleanians will be happy to tell you that, while they are dyed-in-the-wool Americans, their city is a world apart from the rest of the continental United States and Alaska.

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