Saturday, July 09, 2011

The most important two-wheeled tip

Kymco 2011 Like 200i
The lady of the house is taking the Motorcycle Safety Course to get a motorcycle endorsement on her driver's license.  I recommend everyone take it, and, yes, take a refresher from time to time.

I took it several years ago, and should take it again, so I don't remember the acronym that stands for being alert and aware all the time.   The lady of the house asked me what is the most important thing you can do while riding.  My reply:

"Always look.  Look six inches in front of you, then look ahead.  Look from side to side.  Look for anything that may be a hazard.  Anticipate hazards before they come into your path.  You can make eye contact with everyone else on the road, but that only means you see them, not that they see you.  They do not see you.  Expect that.  Look in your rearview mirrors, but don't let someone behind you distract you.  Look ahead.  Always keep looking and gauging the risks ahead.  When you let your guard down, that is when disaster will strike."

I think that is good advice.
Ninja 250XR, 2006 model in City Park, New Orleans, LA.
I took the Littlest Ninja out after two weeks of riding the motor scooter exclusively.  The Ninja's engine was coiled like a spring, ready to roar.  It felt quite intimidating after two weeks of lazy puttering around town.  Fifty miles from home base, and I was in the groove again, leaning into curves at reasonable speeds, and shifting intuitively.  The whole time, I was looking, always looking for the next disaster.

The power that a motorcycle grants needs to be treated respectfully by the driver, because no one else knows what powder kegs reside between a motorcyclists legs.

Drive safely.
Baleanius Rex!

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