Sunday, May 01, 2011

New Orleans' Sweetheart

Our Lady of Prompt Succor is depicted in two statues in her National Shrine located on State Street, just off Claiborne Avenue, in New Orleans.  One is the diminutive "Sweetheart" statue.  This is located in a small side chapel.

The other is gilded and enthroned in glory above the tabernacle in the main chapel.

Also, in commentary on yesterday's post, I would like to add that decadence is a form of innoculation.  Its shocks soon lose impact after repeated exposure.  Sensation becomes a dead end, ending in numbness.  That's not how I want to read, nor is it how I want to live.  New Orleans is known as a decadent city, and it is full of surprises.  Those surprises come from the common humanity that teems along the city's byways and thoroughfares, not from any sexual proclivities or violence.  New Orleans is a wonderful place in which to live.  

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