Friday, February 11, 2011

Uptown or downtown, it doesn't matter.  Riverside or lakeside.  In neighborhoods that are famous and in  neighborhoods that have no name, the good people of New Orleans are on patrol with open eyes looking to detect trouble when it erupts.

You don't need a catchy name or costume.  Good citizenship begins when people feel responsible for their surroundings.
It isn't about glamor or press coverage.   It is often about telling kids on the street to watch their language and stop spitting.  It isn't about fisticuffs, it is about demanding and respecting the norms of common courtesy.  New Orleans is full of heroes, few of them are super but they are champions nonetheless.

You don't need a fancy moniker to be important where you live.  You need to enforce civility.  Don't be shy.  Speak your mind and act when a reaction is called for.  When someone schemes to steal a pizza by blinding an innocent man, put the police on his trail.  Flush out the scoundrel. Your neighborhood will be better for it.

Thanks to Uptown Messenger, we learn the good news about New Orleans Uptown.  We wait for a similar, reliable news source downriver from Canal Street on the streets referred to as "North" hereabouts.

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