Monday, December 13, 2010

New Orleans is everywhere

I stand corrected.  I stumbled across a video the other day that caught my fancy and I posted it because it matched my mood.  I said it didn't have a New Orleans connection.  I rarely watch videos.  Who can why this caught my fancy.  Serendipity, perhaps.

Astute reader Leigh C. pointed out that there is a connection after all.  The soundtrack is provided by Ernie K-Doe, Emperor of the Universe.  All I know about Ernie K-Doe is what I've read.  I've never heard a song of his before, not even "Mother-in-Law."  Well, I guess I have now: "Here Come the Girls."

A tip of the fedora to a legend.  Thanks, Leigh!  It turns out I can stay on topic unconsciously.  Good to know.  New Orleans is everywhere.

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