Sunday, November 07, 2010

Elvis and I

From the Nov. 8, 2010 edition of the New Yorker Magazine, pg.51, "Brilliant Mistakes," a profile of Elvis Costello:

"I sneaked a peek inside the box one day at a mint-green Stetson, size 7 1/2, with a blue and yellow hat band, purchased at Meyer the Hatter, in New Orleans.  'Does that one have the card in there?'  It did, tucked into the sweatband.  The card read 'Like Hell It's Yours.'"

Elvis Costello and I share the same hatter.  That's a small boast.  While there are other hat stores in New Orleans, none are as conveniently located as Meyer at 120 St. Charles Avenue.  There's a reason they've been in business for over a century and location isn't the only factor in their favor.

My Meyer fedora is black, nothing fancy so much as functional.  I'm not in show business except for my own show and my own business.  I fingered one of the "Like Hell It's Yours/ You Can Get Your Own at Meyer the Hatter" card but decided against it.  My fedora is crushable and I bought it because I can tuck it into the fairing of my Little Ninja until I arrive at journey's end.  If I kept a hat ID card in the sweatband it would soon be a crumpled bit of roadside litter.  Louisiana has a motorcycle helmet law and beaver pelt fedoras don't pass muster as approved head safety gear.  If I could jet around New Orleans astride my motorcycle in a suit and fedora I'd do it.

When you look good you feel good and nothing makes a man feel as good as wearing a suit and a fedora.  If you put a sporty motorcycle into the ensemble, a proper gentleman can't miss.  Chicks dig it.  It works well with motor scooters too, as I can attest.
In Forest Hill Cemetery, Boston, a lifetime ago.

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