Sunday, October 03, 2010

Oktoberfest parade today

Deutches Haus is having a parade today starting at 3:00 PM.  Their website is sketchy on the details but according to the paper, the parade starts at Elysian Fields and Royal, heads through the Quarter and then continues on Canal Street up to the Haus on South Galvez.

We'll be catching it along Canal.  The quarter seems too crowded.

This is the last year Deutsches Haus will be located in New Orleans.  They are being forced to move due to the poorly planned LSU and VA hospital campuses to be built on their property.  Mostly, LSU is to blame.   The Haus is relocating to Metarie.  This will hopefully be a temporary move.  I don't have any inside information, it's just a personal wish.  I have no desire to go to Metarie.



Anita said...

I fear the city is in for a time of less than robust Octoberfests unless there is a turnaround, somehow. Well, there's an example of a cause to champion.

I confess my purpose in commenting today is considerably off the topic of your post. However, you provided the opportunity for a perfect segue into the cause for which I am seeking a champion. The NORD reform measure passed yesterday and I am concerned that someone who is qualified to observe and speak on matters affecting the public and as important in urban life as parks and recreation should take up monitoring the results of this changeover.

What is at stake and what many fear will be overlooked is the need of children and families in sections of the city who have no input into the new NORD decision making process. Those who have no seat on the board, no economic power, no representation through the electoral process since the system changed yesterday, those people who most desperately need the parks, nets on the hoops, equipment on the fields, clean water and rest rooms, monitors, fences, open spaces, inviting and safe playgrounds. Not just pretty playparks for uptown kids but a lifeline for mentors, parents and communities to offer their children. They need an ombudsman, a Socratic gadfly, dare I say a ninja sleuth?

I am pleading for someone to keep track of what the board does and whose needs are being attended as this unfolds.

Ahem. You might remember I said, joking only somewhat, that yankees are allowed to live here because they get things done. (Maybe you didn't hear me say that, but I always do say it, so you could have.) But that is indeed how it works down here. Things get done because somebody cares about that thing and and they go after it and yammer on about it and raise a stink and annoy all their friends and keep after it until everybody knows they're not going to give up and then, little by little, things start getting done.

Whalehead King said...

You'e just described every attendee at a typical New England town meeting.

Early on, someone said to me, "A Yankee! You're welcome here as long as you don't try to change things. You move here and tell us how to protect ourselves from ourselves." That isn't my intent, though I am a Nutmegger (resident of Connecticut) to my marrow.

I'm still getting the lay of the land and I am not really an activist. The proposed NORD changes will probably work in the short term but I don't see the long term benefit in creating another fiefdom without much direct accountability. Should I be tempted to enter politics in the future, I've seen plenty of neighborhoods that should be demanding better services, zoning and amenities. That's a topic for another day, however. I'm not entirely clear on what the City Council does except grant exceptions to ordinances and "fix" things if I may have trouble with City Hall.

Thanks, Anita.


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