Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yakety Sax New Orleans

I don't usually discuss my adolescence, but I don't mind going on record to say I was a big Benny Hill and Star Trek fan before I emerged into manhood.  I enjoyed watching the above combination today of these two boyhood influences and it is congenially brief if you are not interested.

It did get me thinking though, what if every one of my New Orleans escapades was filmed, choppily edited, and set to the tune "Yakety Sax?"  I think it's a fitting tune for many of the sights I witness in New Orleans.  Things happen.  Some of them comic and others tragic, but the pulse of the city remains the same: a fluid, compound jazz melody off which everyone is improvising from the mayor to the urchin.  You can laugh off the soundtrack but the visual evidence remains the same: something to be dealt with and deliberated at a later, more sober time.  The joy is in the being and it is good to be alive in New Orleans no matter what stones you need to dodge for whatever reason.

My escapades may seem a joke when cast that way.  They are a serious joke to me.

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