Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rebirth Brass Band

Sorry folks.  No picture and not even a decent article for you to read.  Just got back from listening to the Rebirth Brass Band play in Lafayette Square.  A bass drum, a snare, a tuba, a sax, two trumpets, and a trombone.  Man, can they wail.  That's a lot of breath being expelled just over the course of one three-minute song stretched out to twelve or lucky thirteen or the blessed, winding denouement and final note at 14 minutes 25 and three quarter seconds.

I won't say my ears are ringing from my front row seat on the grass, but my blood is pumping.  Listening to New Orleans jazz is the most aerobic exercise I've had in years.  I feel healthier since I moved here.

We will resume our more usual format tomorrow.

Thanks for understanding,

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