Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank you, Mr. Moto

Peter Lorre, can we ever get enough of your presence on the Dot Matrix?  No.

A gentleman's gentleman who always turns up when I least expect it on the internet.  I can't say I've seen a Lorre clone in New Orleans, but I can say I've seen older gentlemen with mincing mannerisms whose families go back centuries.  They own this city in their peculiar way.  They are as exotic as if Peter Lorre were sitting at the next booth in a Chinese restaurant.

New Orleans if full of people of all types of persuasions.  Some may seem effeminate, some may seem down on their luck, some are eccentric, some are ne'er-do-wells, some are artistes, some are shag-happy frat boys, some are dilettantes, some are entrepreneurs, some are musicians, some are panhandlers, some are clerks, some are nurses, some are radiologists, some are roustabouts, some are clowns, some are stumblebums; some ride bicycles, some ride the rails, some hitchhike on tug boats, some just wander wherever their legs or a full tank of gas will take them.  New Orleans is full of characters.

I haven't found any evidence that Peter Lorre ever visited New Orleans.  If he did, he would have found himself home.  This is what most people find.

Today's screen grab is courtesy of Dr. Hermes who reviewed the story "Thank You, Mr. Moto."

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