Friday, August 27, 2010

Laura Bush in New Orleans

Guess who I walked past today.  It shouldn't very hard considering the title of this post and the illustration above.

I was walking down Magazine Street and noticed men in dark suits with earpieces strolling the sidewalk unobtrusively.  There was a Chrysler car with dark tinted windows.  I tried to look in but couldn't see anything.   An NOPD car was parked behind the Chrysler with an officer not on his cellphone.  Something was out of the ordinary.

As I passed the Foundry Square antique store, two short women exited and passed me.  I was trying to think of important people who would need body guards and I thought one of the women resembled the former First Lady.  They went into the Occasional Wife, some kind of household organizing store I don't have much patience for and I stopped and leaned against a lamp post to watch the dark suited men mill about.  One of them noticed me and I apologized, "I've never seen anything like this before," I said.  He smiled.  "Can you tell me who you're guarding?"

"You didn't recognize her?" he replied, "That was the former First Lady Laura Bush."  He looked at me incredulously.  Well, I knew for sure it wasn't Barbara.

Laura Bush seems much more imposing a presence on TV or in photos.  I'm not tall and the top of her head didn't even come up to my shoulder.  Former President George W. Bush must be short too because I don't recall him towering over his wife.  She was pretty and well composed and really no fuss.  The Secret Service agents were near but they didn't crowd her.  That's why I didn't think the ladies I passed were VIPs.  I expected them to be encased in a bubble of brawny body guards rather than discreet, very polite gentlemen who kept a respectful distance.

Maybe I should have said hello but I didn't have anything else to say beyond that.  I'm sure she enjoyed her day.  Heck, who doesn't enjoy time spent in New Orleans?

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