Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting your picture in the Times-Picayune

I ripped this off the fishing page of the past week's Times-Picayne, New Orleans' paper of record.  I have to say, it's strange to live in a one newspaper town.  Boston has two: the Globe and the Herald.  Tiny New London, Conn. has one, The Day, but you can buy the Norwich Bulletin (which I wouldn't recommend) or the Hartford Courant (which I would).  I used to live in Newport, RI, about the same size as New London, and there was the Newport Daily News, but I mostly read the Providence Journal-Bulletin (Pro-Jo for short) on a daily basis.

In New Orleans, you can read the Times-Picayne every day.  It's a good paper.  I prefer it to the Boston Globe, but there isn't much competition.  As far as I can figure, its main rival is the New York Times which sells for a whopping $2.00 per issue compared to the Times-Picayne's 75 cents.  I don't really need to know what's going on in New York so I stick with the local product.

You probably can't read the small print under the above illustration so I'll transcribe it for you:
"Share your fishing adventures with the local angling community by sending images and a short story via email...or regular post...  All submissions must include the date of the catch, the location of the fishing trip, the names and home communities of any anglers in the image... The more fishing specific information you include will increase the chances of the photo being used, such as the length and weight of the fish, the type of bait or lure used, the tide and weather conditions."

Lacking any suggested specific information, it seems there's another way to get your photo published in "Fish Tales."  Submit a photo of two pretty women posed with a fish.

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