Thursday, July 08, 2010

State of New Orleans' hot dog market

I went to City Hall to find out why the only hot dog carts seem to be Lucky Dogs' carts in the French Quarter.  A very nice (anonymous) lady at the applicable office told me Lucky has a monopoly on the Quarter, which I had already read about.  The Supreme Court has upheld it so if you want a dog, or any other cart food in the Quarter, you're out of luck.  They've cornered the market.

She also said, in passing, "Its too bad too because their hot dogs are the worst!"  At least I'm not the only one to think so (I assumed she wasn't punning).  Lucky's puts on a good show.  Their carts are well designed and attractive.  It's the sausage that isn't up to snuff.  Well, to be honest, it's the meat, the bread and the condiments, but the carts are spot on and the vendors themselves are the nicest people on earth.

A salute to Lucky Dogs for good design, good help and a lock on the market!  Well played, gentlemen, well played, indeed.


Michelle H. said...

The way of the monopoly, I suppose. They don't really have to try to make their product good now. Too bad some companies are like that.

Whalehead King said...

I wouldn't mind having a monopoly.


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