Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Orleans movie theaters

The back of Jazz Po-Boys on Magnolia Street

Caught the noon show of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the Prytania Theater this afternoon.  Great on the big screen.  I wonder what Gene Wilder is up to now?  He is wonderful in this movie.

Whatever you think about Tim Burton, I don't think this movie needed to be remade.  Or Planet of the Apes for that matter.  Neither of the new versions was any good.  Of course I know they had to be remade for money and I was foolish enough to waste mine when they came out.  Fool me three times and shame on me.  I have no plans to see Alice in Wonderland or anything else he directs.  I did enjoy Edward Scissorhands and that was about it.

The Prytania is a gem of a place and thank Heaven there's a good theater in New Orleans.  We went to see Inception last week and I'll take Willie Wonka any day.  I think the New Yorker review nailed this one.  I've never seen any of this director's other films but, may I say, fool me twice and shame on me.

Earlier this week we went to see the Joan Rivers movie at the Cinemas at Canal Place.  I'll take the Prytania any day.  When you buy your ticket you have to choose your seat.  We didn't like what I'd chosen.  Now that I know what the theater looks like inside, I'll pick better if we go again.  In order to change our seats we needed new tickets issued from the "wait staff" and had to sign for them.  You can eat a real meal in your seat if you like and there's a button to summon the staff so you don't have to leave your seat.  Whatever.  I just want to go to the movies.  It doesn't have to be classed up to justify spending ten bucks on a ticket.

Films seem to have extended runs at Prytania so it's nice to have a little variety within bicycle distance but, as usual, I prefer a smaller, neighborhood locale.

I've finally figured out how to download pictures from my camera.  Instead of the tenuously thematic illustrations that have been my schtick for the past year or so, I'll be posting pictures I take around New Orleans from now on.  Sometimes they'll be random, like my days, and sometimes they will be the subject matter.  I'll post the other pictures I took of Jazz Po-Boys tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I tend to take a lot of pictures of signs.  I find them interesting.

Till tomorrow then,

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