Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Orleans state of mind

I've been aware of both pre- and post-Katrina critiques of New Orleans culture and economy for a while.  The accepted truth is that it's a great place place to visit but not the best place to live in.  I guess I'll be both testing and, hopefully, disproving that hypothesis.  It seems like a better than good place for me to hang my hat and there are plenty of corroborative testimonies to back me up.

Let's say New Orleans has its warts, like most places and most people, and leave that at that.  It also has an undeniable charisma, which is more than most people or places can claim.

I stumbled across an article from three years ago by a former mayoral candidate.  There is no doubt this gentleman loves the Crescent City.  There is also no doubt for anyone with eyes to see that it has probably been a long, long time since New Orleans deserved its moniker "The City Care Forgot."

I'm not a man of strong opinions.  When I have them, I usually forget them in a day or two.  I intend to approach my sojourn in New Orleans with an eye toward citizenship.  I have a lot of learning to do as well as a lot of living.  New Orleans seems to be the best place to do both.  I identify the city's strengths with my strengths and I correlate its weaknesses with my own.  The two combined have always served me well so I figure the multiplier effect will be beneficial for all concerned.  Time will tell.

I'm not without a care in the world at the moment but I can't think of anything that's bothering me.  That, to me, is a New Orleans state of mind.  I have things that could worry me but I have no worries.  Strange and surreal and relaxing.  There are worse places to be, both physically and mentally.

Date Line: New Orleans.  Saturday, June 12, 2010 AD/CE, Quartedi, 24 Prairial CCXVIII, the day of Caille-Lait, (Bedstraw in English).


Local Spice said...

Oh wow, I haven't looked at your blog (or my own) in a while, and you're now on my old turf! I'm sitting here so jealous! We have so much to discuss.

Whalehead King said...

Lots of changes. I've met plenty of people who say they would like to live in Boston. Maybe they're just being polite.

Whalehead King said...
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