Tuesday, February 02, 2010

You never forget your first day

You never forget your first day in Dorchester, unless you were born here.  If that's the case, your memory may be a bit fuzzy.  There was a lot going on and not much personal back story for comparison.

My first day in Dorchester was in late spring, the tail end of March or the beginning of April.  The trees hadn't yet bloomed.  They waited for my second visit to shower confetti of cherry blossom and magnolia petals.

My boon companion and I walked down Dot Ave from Savin Hill to Ashmont.  We then took Talbot Ave to Blue Hill Avenue.  From that intersection, we walked to Columbia Road and then onwards around the bend to Dot Ave again.  It took about three and a half hours to navigate that oblong route.  We stopped and rested only once, on some steps on Columbia Road.  Afterward, I remarked that my companion must have been hungry with all that walking in the middle of the day and not stopping for lunch or even a snack.  "I was in love," she replied.

Make that double for me.

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