Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some things don't change

I'm reading about life in Ancient Greece and came across this fragment of a play by Eubolos.  Let's say it takes place in Athens around 500 BC.  It's subject is drinking wine at private gatherings:

"The first cup is to health, the second to love and pleasure, the third is to sleep, the fourth to violence, the fifth to uproar, the sixth to drunken revel, the seventh to black eyes, the eighth to the summoner, the ninth to bile, and the tenth to madness and throwing chairs around."

Sounds like some of the after hours party in Dot.  The police usually do show up by around cup number eight.

Unfortunately, Dorchester hasn't yet produced its own Socrates or Plato.

You'll find the excerpt on the bottom of page 100.  It's a very readable and interesting book

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