Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sizzling Empire Lucky Jade Wok Garden

Chef's suggestion Number 2 from the Sizzling Empire Lucky Jade Wok Garden menu that was left tucked in my front door.  They deliver.  If you live within their zone, keep an eye on your doorknob for your copy of their latest menu.

OUTBACK TREAT SOUTHERN PLATTER.  Grilled, BBQ jumbo prawns with tenderloin kangaroo cutlet, kiwi slices, and macadamia nuts quick sauteed in sweet cherry and Vegemite sauce.  A tomato sauce dollop floats atop the side box of white rice that accompanies this dish.  Many Australians say, "It's Boston's Bush tucker!"  Not for delivery, eat in only.    $17.95.  **** Four stars on Yelp.        


Fanboy Wife said...

I'm watching a thing on PBS right now and it has kangaroos on it. They were focusing on how unique species evolved in Australia and how cute they are - no mention of how they taste!

Whalehead King said...

I haven't tried this joint yet. I don't eat a lot of Chinese food.


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