Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another 24 hour business

I haven't checked this one out in person but I noticed the billboard while running an errand.  I checked out the web site and it all seems like legitimate advertising.  We can add another business to our tally of things to do after the bars close and respectable citizens are snug in their beds with dreams of cod and baked beans dancing in their heads.

Dorchester is still coming out on top of the list for variety.  After all, with bowling and billiards on the menu, that's a hard mix to top at 3:00 AM.  Name another neighborhood that's got that.  Are there any other 24-hour car washes?  Neponset Circle Car Wash (815 Gallivan Blvd) is open 'round the clock.  Just ask their mascot, Herbie.

The open part of the business seems to be the self service bays.  That's why I haven't checked it out in person at 3:00 AM.  I don't have any urge to hose down my motorcycle in the middle of the night in January.  I don't have any urge to take my motorcycle to Neponset Circle in the middle of the night for any reason, especially if the only action is car washing. I doubt it's much like a movie.

I doubt Neponset Circle really warrants a sound track at 3:00 AM.

If I had a car to wash though, I would do it in Neponset Circle.  It's a place where they know about S.I.N.

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