Monday, November 30, 2009

Dot heroes don't wear spandex

Dorchester is the dark heart of a wider metropolis. The weed of crime bears bitter fruit in Dorchester, Mass. Hard men and their molls get beaten to pulps in Dorcheser but there are good men too, and good women. Dorchester isn't a cesspool that catches only society's detritus. Dorchester is a garden in which strong oaks grow out of soil fertilized by yards and yards of turned over, overturned shit. Some people think it stinks in Dorchester, and it does. It smells good.

You won't only find heroes in comic books. You can find them in Dorchester. Dorchester's heroes don't wear spandex. They wear Dickies, they wear coveralls, they wear uniforms; they may not dress to impress but they dress appropriately for the job they fulfill. Dot heroes don't just wear a symbol on their chests. Nobody is named S. They have their first names embroidered over their hearts: Al,Tom, Mickey, John. Dorchester heroes don't wear their hearts on their sleeves; they wear their names over their hearts.

Dorchester is home to heroinnes too. They don't flaunt thier cleavage and they aren't necessarily sexy, unless accomplishments are as sexy as oversized breasts (they are!). Dot heroines wear their names over their hearts as well, printed on tags under corporate logos all over this city. Dunkin Donuts, Au Bon Pain, Best Buy, Marriot, Sheraton...these are but a few of the corporate sponsors who support Dot heroism.

It takes a tough community to make a tender neighborhood. Dorchesterites are a sharp as flint and they succeed day after day against steep odds. Dorchester itself is a good place in which to raise a family. Truth and justice are the Dorchester way. Delivery trucks, sidewalks, the Red Line, buses, bicycles, jalopies...they all carry Dorchester heroes and heroines.

To the Dot-mobile, Al! There's an oil delivery to make and an example to be set!

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