Monday, October 26, 2009

Unicef gala

While we don't know who exactly the Dot Rat Rockstars are, we did receive an invitation to join them tomorrow (10/27) at Tavolo (1918 Dot Ave).

When you think of a rock star, you think of someone self-involved, trashing motel rooms, and pretty much divorced from reality. When you think of a rat, you think of a shady character, unless you are thinking of Ratt, in which case you are still thinking about rock stars. Add in the Dot though, and the connotations become something else altogether. Charity begins in Dorchester, Mass.

Trick or Tweet for Unicef features raffles, candy and free parking, as well as themed drinks concocted by Boston's best mixologists using Absolut Boston brand vodka. All donations, even those made to subsidize the free parking, go to support Unicef. This is a chance to act locally to give globally.

The invitation doesn't indicate when the event starts, so there's no chance of arriving early or late. Whenever you get there, you'll be right on time. We don't see any harm in showing up unannounced, but if you want to RSVP, you can do so at

Unfortunately, I'm already committed to attend a burlesque show tomorrow evening. It doesn't look good when a person picks a bawdy night in the South End over supporting Unicef, does it? I bought the tickets a month ago, before the fundraiser was scheduled. It's not the best excuse, but it makes me seem less like a heel.

If you haven't already commited to watching strippers and fire eaters, head to Tavolo tomorrow evening. You'll sleep better and wake up feeling better the morning after.

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