Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tender trap

You walk beneath the flowering trees,
There's a lilting music to the Bay's easy breeze
You feel kind of smart and your heart goes pit-a-pat!
The trees and the breeze, they're part of a tender trap.

Some starry night, Dorchester will make you tingle.
Then you'll jump the Red Line, sign a lease, and hang up your shingle.

You've moved to place that is so nice,
There's pho and pizza, corned beef and rice;
You've picked a place that's more than just a DOT on a map...
You're hooked and you're cooked,
You're caught in a tender trap.

Some starry night, strolling through Dorchester Park,
You'll know you made a wise choice rather than a foolish lark.

You'll wonder how it all came about,
Not that it matters...there's no getting out.
You've fallen in love and you know what?
Dorchester, Mass. is a tender trap.

(thanks to Cahn and Van Heusen for writing the original version)

Thanks also to the Brattle Theater for playing the original last night before the 9:30 show of "The Friends of Eddie Coyle."

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