Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Limerick Challenge

I was recently asked, "Do you know any limericks about Dorchester?"

It's sad to say, but I don't. Boston's poetry scene seems to be centered more around Cambridge than the Dot. During my extensive excursions, I can't recall meeting one poet. I haven't seen any poetry readings advertised at the Mud House in Neponset, the Sugar Bowl in the Polish Triangle, or at Dot 2 Dot halfway between Peabody Square and Lower Mills.

This doesn't mean there aren't any Dot poets. The longer I live in Dorchester, the more surprises I discover. I expect tomorrow I'll learn that all the garrets between Virginia and Monadnock Streets are packed with wan consumptives wiling away their parting hours penning poignant verse. For all I know, a 'Dorchester Vortex Sutra' has already been composed and it has influenced the latest generation of hipsters.

Our editor has been thinking of imposing some structure on the Dot Matrix rather than inflicting whatever catch-as-catch-can whims onto the general public as has been our usual modus operandi. The idea of a Doggerel Day has been kicked around for awhile so maybe it's time to start a new format. For the foreseeable future we'll feature Doggerel Tuesdays, meaning that Tuesday editions of the Matrix will feature poetry. Some of it may be good but we suspect much of it will be of the other variety as befits the definition of doggerel. Quality doesn't matter so much as heart and good intentions.

Anyone who wants to submit some poetry, good or bad, limerick or free verse or rhymed and metered, earnest ode, is welcome to do so. Just email it to whaleheadking at earthlink dot net. If selected, not only will it be posted here, but we will include an uncritical review and a link to any site the author may maintain. Sorry, we cannot offer payment. The income this blog earns wouldn't feed a guinea pig. Your work will be read, however. That much we can guarantee, even if only by Whalehead King. If that doesn't seem particularly awesome...you're right. It's not, but that's all we can guarantee at the moment. Please limit subject matter and theme to Dorchester, Mass.

While I don't know any Dorchester limericks, I suspect there are more than a few out there. We'll see what gold pans out next week.

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