Saturday, September 19, 2009


The door in Dorchester is always open. The porch light is always on. There's always some soup being kept warm on the stove top. There's always room for one more at the table. Strangers welcome. No one leaves this house hungry.

Do you like coffee? Do you like tea? I bet you'll like Dorchester and it will like you if you give it a chance. Do you like soda pop? You'll find Dorchester sufficiently fizzy. Do you like sweets? Do you like romance? Do you like to daydream? Do you like clean streets, manicured parks, decent schools, friendly neighbors, efficient public transportation and room enough to stretch your legs, exercise your muscles and reach your hands to the stars that twinkle like promises overhead. You can reach the stars in Dorchester. They are caught in the waters of Dorchester Bay and they wink against the lapping shores of the Neponset River. You can touch them. You can drink them. They tickle.

Wanted: a good, loving, capable woman who lives in Dorchester. Send a picture of apartment. You can't swing a yardstick in Dorchester without hitting a good, loving, capable woman. You can't walk a block without bumping into some Dot-bumpkin who will excuse himself and say, "Golleeee, Mister, I'm sorry!" He'll shake your hand, dust off where his shoulder hit yours and offer to buy you a cup of coffee. If you really lost your balance, he'll offer to buy you a sandwich to go along with the coffee.

From the northernmost tip of the Polish Triangle, along Dot Ave's hypotenuse, to the third point on Morton Street, Dorchester is full of the salt of the earth. Some people feel small, confused, crippled, almost. They move to Dorchester and they have a secret word that gives them strength and power to overcome their limitations. People excel in Dorchester. They make good despite what others may think. In Dorchester, a little goes a long way and a lot of good things happen where the sun shines. What's the secret word? If you have the urge to ask, "What is it?" you should come and make a visit.

You bet your life in Dorchester. You take your chances and you roll your dice. Every Dorchesterite's a winner. Luck is always a lady in the Dot.

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