Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Movie premier in Upham's Corner

The movie 'Mind Game' is having its Grand Premier at the Strand Theater in Dorchester on September 27th at 7:00PM. Tickets are $25, more than double the price of a film at the Loew's on Boston Common. Why a Grand Premier in Dorcheser? It stars a Haitian actor and publicists think the local Haitian community will be enthused to buy tickets.

Apparently, this is a Nigerian movie about a man on the down low, that is a man who has intimate relations with other men while being married to a woman who catches him in the act. This isn't the kind of plot I would expect from an African film, but then again, there's no reason why not. I don't really have any idea what an African film would be like. Thinking of Africa as a single entity, of course, is like thinking of North America as single unit, a fallacy, so I am correcting my world view as I write this. This film is a product of the Nigerian film industry which I recently learned is nicknamed 'Nollywood." I was surprised to discover there is a Nigerian film industry, let alone one productive enough to earn an industry nickname as a dream factory.

What if Dorchester, which has been the setting for a recent film, became home to a movie industry, using the Commonwealth's film tax credit system to its full advantage. Would Dorchester be nicknamed 'Dollywood?' That name is already taken. There is already a Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. More likely, Dorchester would rely on its already memorable moniker as 'The Dot' to become Dottiewood.

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