Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where are you coming from?

To those of you visiting via, welcome. I'm not sure why you are here and I can't figure it out. If someone would like to tell me, please leave a comment regarding the source of our introduction. I read the paper version of the Globe yesterday and today, but, like most days, I didn't see my name mentioned. Unfortunately, I am not very Internet savvy, which was intended to be the subject of today's article as well as what I am intending to accomplish here. Talk about serendipity. I will keep this missive short, hoping for some quick insight, before I go on to write the bulk of today's ramblings.

Thanks, and again....Welcome. I hope you enjoy your average 58 seconds on the Dot Matrix. Feel free to scroll the archives and apologies for the color issues in earlier postings. This page used to have a black background. If you can't read an entry, you probably aren't missing too much as the theme remains the same throughout though the characters and settings change.

With a handshake,


Anonymous said...


Your blog is linked via
in the "New England Blogs" section
today. (Lower right hand column).

There's also this section:

Nice to read about Dot.

Adam Pieniazek said...

Way to be! The homepage will drive some nice traffic to your blog. :-)

And then one day soon it'll mysteriously shut off completely, since one you move from the homepage the link disappears. :-(

Still, nice 1-2 day boost!

Whalehead King said...

Thanks for the precise directions, Anonymous. I need them.

Thanks, Adam. Not sure how I ended up there, but it was a startling jump in traffic.

Take care.


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