Thursday, July 30, 2009

Really on hiatus

Whalehead King and company are travelling far afield without a laptop and with no intention of going online. Destination: Boston's evil twin and antipode: The Crescent City, NOLA, The Big Easy, The City That Care Forgot: New Orleans, Louisiana. Your humble narrator intends to stay out all night in public establishments that are legally open for business and let the good times roll in a round-the-clock metropolis enjoying homegrown cuisine and mixology. Your humble narrator has reluctantly stocked up an overfull store of slumber during the past two years in Boston and it is time to draw down that account.

Regular reportage, such as it is, will resume around August 10. Your Man on the Dot may need a while to recover from the culture shock and predicted katzenjammer. In the meantime we have something like 480 articles to peruse in the archives, tracing back to our humble beginnings in Connecticut's Whaling City, idyllic and romantic New London (apologies for the colored typography issues, this blog used to have a black background and our editor lacks the stamina to reformat everything to straight black and white). You can always look over the Dot-centric merchandise on offer if you are looking for a nice coffee mug or tee shirt to give a co-worker or loved one. And of course, in the meantime, you may want to take the time to follow WK on Twitter. Upon return, Whalehead Enterprises is sure to keep up the habit of broadcasting a daily, pithy aphorism or observation of the state of affairs in Dorchester, Mass. on the website that enabled the Iranian revolution. Our motto, however: "No high hopes. Guaranteed."

Enjoy the next week or so. With a tip of the fedora to our faithful readers who make this endeavor worth continuing. With every bite of muffuletta and every sip of Sazerac , WK will be wishing he was at the Dot Tavern watching the Sox instead of at the Absinthe House.

Cheerio, Hip-Hip, chin-chin, to your health, godspeed,
.....Whalehead King.

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