Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prettiest girls in the meat market

Patrons of Gene & Paul's Fresh Meats have come to expect expert butchery. In fact, in the trade, the men and women behind the meat counter prefer to be called 'meat cutters.' Butchery has the same unpleasant connotations in the meat business as it does in other human endeavors. That said, if you want the freshest cuts of meat expertly prepared, Gene and Paul's on the corner of Dot Ave and East Cottage Street, is the place to go.

The shop is also known as Dorchester Market and it contains a small, fresh produce section, and all the other sundries and comestibles one can expect from a neighborhood grocer. The shop is reliably home to some of the prettiest cashiers in all of Boston. We don't think this is done with intent. It is more probably an example of that oft-held belief that the outside reflects what is on a person's inside. This isn't always true, but at Gene & Paul's it seems to be the rule.

There are male cashiers minding the store from time to time but more often not you'll find young ladies ringing up your purchases. They are cheerful, efficient and professional. They are also, without exception, the kind of girls-next-door that have made up the plots of many a coming-of-age novel and Hollywood romance. They are pretty, young women you wouldn't be ashamed of bringing home to meet your mother. They are not only pretty and courteous, they are employed and responsible.

Whether Gene and Paul share the hiring duties as much as they do the meat cutting, we don't know. Whoever is in charge of staffing the market does a good job. Shopping at the Dorchester Market is always a pleasure.

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