Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hong Kong Idol goes Vietnamese

This corner storefront used to be called Hong Kong Idol. It was a misleading name because it isn't located in Chinatown but along Dot Ave, somewhere along the 9oo blocks. This small storefront that has long been an outlet for Vietnamese language DVDs and VCR tapes, and music CDs, for as long as one intrepid reporter has been covering this beat. It's on the same block as the Tom English Tavern and, even though the snow has been falling like sugar granules from an unrepentant diabetic,'s secret stash of restaurant packets, the shop is open for business. People need access to Vietnamese movies in Dorchester.
The shop's new name is more honest now. It is called Vietnam Records though we doubt any vinyl platters are coming out the front door in the hands of hip, downtown DJs. Vietnam is the key word here. Records refers to recordings, and the shelves are stocked form floor to ceiling with digital media. The new business model also includes 'alterations.' This refers to the seamstress/tailor who has taken up residence in the shop. You can buy the most popular music CD in Vietnam at the moment while getting your pants hemmed. This is entrepreneurship to the nth degree, making the most of available space to offer services people want and need under one roof. It is a super way to stop and shop.

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