Sunday, November 09, 2008

That fresh feeling

The farmers' market at Field's Corner stopped operating last week. No more fresh vegetables are for sale in the parking lot on the corner of Dot Ave and Park Street. Not to worry, spring is fast approaching. This doesn't mean there aren't fresh vegetables to be found in Dorchester. Everything is fresh in Dorchester, even the canned goods.

The farmers' market is a popular, warmer-month staple of Dorchester produce shopping but there is still Lambert's on Morrisey Boulevard. There is also the Stop & Shop down the road on Morrisey, the Stop & Shop at South Bay Center, the Shaw's Supermarket at Harbor Point, and the innumerable little grocery stores that offer seasonal fruits and vegetables imported from the depots in Newmarket and trucked across Boston to points-of-purchase. The Field's Corner farmers' market is nice because it is close to the Field's Corner T station and it is nice to bump shoulders with your fellow citizens while you dicker over the price of sweet potatoes and lettuce.

Few people where I live shop the big supermarket chains. There are plenty of smaller grocers that are still big enough to compete with the multi-state corporations. On Dot Ave, most of them have managers of Asian descent, mostly Vietnamese, but they offer the gamut of fresh food off vine or tree or out of the ground. Visiting these establishments can be a culinary eye-opener. There are many old, Irish household kitchens on Savin Hill and Pope's Hill that regularly use Thai chilies and bok choy as regular ingredients for their meals. If a city is a melting pot, Dorchester's stew pots certainly provide the proof. New dishes are being cooked up every day.

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