Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Portugese not required

Restaurant Laura is a Cape Verdean eatery that hasn't been covered by Boston's newspaper of record for a few years. Maybe it should be. It came to our attention recently and scouts were sent out to reconnoiter the prospect. Reports came back positive and affirmative that this is a hot spot worth checking out.

Word on the street is that Restaurant Laura offers live music more nights than not and that the food is good, the atmosphere is good and the music is superb. Last Saturday, we dispatched some agents on bivouac to Columbia Road between Upham's Corner and Everett Square, to number 688 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA 02125 to be specific. They got their maps out and triangulated the location before they embarked on the mission. Unfortunately they had already had thier dinner so they weren't in the mood to eat again. This dispatch has a few holes in its information, but we expect it has enough to entice. What is an adventure without unconfirmed expectations awaiting proof?

Agents 11 and 76 report that Restaurant Laura occupies an expansive, nondesript, brickface storefront on Columbia Road. The location is clearly marked with gold embossed letters over the facade. Our agents didn't enter the premises but they did press thier noses against the plate glass windows. The interior is decorous and spotlessly clean: white table cloths and glasswear without lip prints. The staff seemed attentive and there weren't any frowns on the diners' faces. A woman was playing guitar and singing. The man perched on a stool next to her was playing a drum cradled in his lap. All faces were paying attention to the musicians and rocking to and fo or clapping as appropriate. The plates were piled high with food that looked delicious and everyone was eating with gusto while they listened to the music.

We are encouraged by this report and intend to visit Restaurant Laura very soon. You should too.

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