Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pepper Pot

Looking for some good Jamaican jerk food? We recommend Irie Restaurant in Kane Square near the crest of Meeting House Hill in Dorchester. If you can't make it there because it isn't connected to the T and bus connections don't run terribly frequently, may we offer an alternative that is just as hygienic and savory?

The Pepper Pot is a short walk down Dudley Street to the east of Dudley Station. You needn't bring your compass. The freindly folk that frequent Dudley Station will be more than happy to direct you. For authentic Jamaican flavor, the Pepper Pot can't be beat. Knowlegable, attentive wait staff will guide you through the menu. Once you make your selection from a variety of stewed meats in savory sauces paired with Carribean greens, the kitchen staff will lavish loving kindness to your dish. Sip an Irish Moss drink and enjoy the easy-going ambiance and mouth- watering aromas the Pepper Pot has to offer while your meal is being prepared to your satisfaction.

Demanding diners know they don't have to sail away to a Sandals resort for real Jamaican food. This fare is easy to find in Boston if you know where to go. Here is a tip: Take the Silver Line to the end of the line. Walk two blocks to the Pepper Pot. Your palate and your stomach will thank you.

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